Faux Controversies

Starbucks Barista Has No Time for Scott Baio’s Lame ‘Trump’ Stunt

It’s unclear why a barista’s unwillingness to yell out an obviously fake name and publicly embarrass themselves automatically means they’ll vote for Bernie Sanders. This stunt (not a particularly novel one ever since the first time someone pulled it, to be honest) has backfired on other jokesters as well — most recently a woman who tried passing her latte off as Beyoncé’s. But Baio is pretty sure he’s uncovered an anti-Trump conspiracy at the chain, whose unapologetic social activism seems to make it a target. Just last week, the chain ran a full-page Times ad encouraging voters to value “humility” over “ego” and “inclusion” over “exclusion.”

So, not surprisingly, Baio and his 103,000 Twitter followers perceive this slight as yet another “war” on conservatives, and it looks like the extremely narrow overlap of die-hard Trump and Charles in Charge fans is already mounting a movement to right the wrongs of American democracy, one fake “Trump” order at a time:


Starbucks Snubs Actor Who Put ‘Trump’ on Cup