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Cheeky Starbucks Order Displays ‘Diabetes Here I Come’ on the Cup

A Florida Starbucks is in the hot seat after an anonymous customer says that his white-chocolate mocha was insensitively labeled with the snarky message “DIABETES HERE I COME.” Describing himself as “taken aback” and “hurt,” he says it hit a real nerve, as his two sisters have struggled with diabetes for years, and he responded to the barista with a note saying as much. Starbucks scrambled to make up for it, with corporate headquarters issuing an apology and the manager of the local branch where the event occurred expressing disappointment. The customer in question says he just wants more sensitivity, but one skeptical reporter argues it’s all a prank committed through the company’s ordering app — although a couple of her initial tweets have been deleted.

[Action News Jax]

Outrage Over ‘Diabetes’ Starbucks Label