Chill Inventors Unveil Pizza Box That You Can Use to Smoke Weed

Best of both worlds. Photo: Push for Pizza

The geniuses who boiled pizza ordering down to one button on an app have now turned their life-hacking skills to the delivery box itself. The Push for Pizza team worked with the Nikolas Gregory design studio to fashion an all-in-one actual pizza box and actual weed pipe for 4/20. The Pizza Pipe, as it’s known, is a regular box equipped with a tear-away flap on top that easily folds into the pipe’s shaft. The plastic stand inside the box — that table-looking thingy that keeps the box from collapsing in on itself — then snaps on to function as the pipe’s bowl. The stands are being made of ceramic right now, but the creators tell Elite Daily that a heatproof recyclable plastic is in the works.

Photo: Push for Pizza

The pipe is “free” in the sense that it’s just a standard part of the box, so, as they note, it won’t require pizza-makers to do anything but get Push for Pizza’s version of the cardboard holder. Then a mere press of an app button, they say, will eliminate the need to “search for a pipe before or struggle to remember the telephone number of the pizza parlor after its use.”

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New Pizza Box Can Be Used to Smoke Weed