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McDonald’s Tests Smaller Big Macs, Which Kind of Defeats the Purpose of a Big Mac

Mac attack.
Mac attack.

Pushing pause on that mission to simplify, McDonald’s has moved in the other direction and unleashed a whole family of different-size Big Macs. Yesterday, the original size was joined by smaller and larger extremes in two test markets, Dallas and central Ohio. Columbus Business First reports the trio will remain on store menus until June 6, at which point the chain will see how customers reacted.At the more petite end is the new Mac Jr., a single-layer sandwich supposedly designed to be easier to eat, although the menu has six plain, smaller-size burgers already. The largest size has been dubbed the Grand Mac. It’s admittedly still way punier than Japan’s new Giga Big Mac, but unlike the downsized Mac Jr., it at least stays true to the spirit of the sandwich. More meat morphs it into a third-pounder (standard Big Macs are fifth-pound), and it comes on a larger bun with an extra piece of cheese.

In a press release, the company explains the reason it went all Russian nesting dolls on the sandwich is because customers won’t stop clamoring for “different ways to enjoy their Big Macs.” Giving them two additional calorie counts to choose from is no doubt exactly what these people had in mind.

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McDonald’s Is Testing Out Big Mac Sizes