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An Apparent Felony: Filling a McDonald’s Water Cup With Soda

No, officer, this is just incredibly bubbly Sprite.
No, officer, this is just incredibly bubbly Sprite. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

If McDonald’s had a dime for every person who got a “water” cup but filled it with soda, the chain would literally not be losing any money. Technically, it’s still stealing, though, and unluckily for Cody Morris, a punk 18-year-old in Arkansas, he could potentially be paying for that minor offense the rest of his life. He sneaked a fountain drink into his water cup at a Springdale McDonald’s on Monday and tried to flee, and the whole dumb incident got so out of hand that police ultimately charged him with felony robbery.

Morris and two friends had their own system for the oldest fast-food trick in the book, according to what the store’s manager told police: The trio ordered large tap waters in the drive-through, entered the restaurant, dumped the H2O, and tried to nonchalantly refill their huge cups with free soda. The manager confronted them, and the two friends surrendered their freebie drinks, but Morris was already feening for his sugar rush or something and refused. A chase ensued into the parking lot, and the manager and another employee ended up standing behind the car to stop them from getting away. However, police say Morris threw the vehicle in reverse and hit the manager — not once but twice. Morris and his soda were later apprehended at a nearby bowling alley.

The Springfield Police Department says the theft became a robbery “when the alleged suspect allegedly used force to resist apprehension by the store employees.” Marking soda up more than 1,000 percent is definitely highway robbery, but this dude probably should’ve just paid the $1.49.


Man Arrested for Stealing McDonald’s Soda