Man Kills His Friend Over Restaurant Bill


And this is why we have Venmo: The Telegraph reports it’s been a sad, very weird week for Hasan Erdemir, İdris Alakuş, and the three friends who had the misfortune of eating with them on Sunday morning. According to reports, Alakuş and another person met Erdemir and two friends for soup at a restaurant in Istanbul. The soup was apparently consumed without incident, but at a certain point, Alakuş reportedly decided to head out. He requested the bill but was told Erdemir had already taken care of it. As often happens in a situation like this, this caused an argument, probably with lots of yelling about so-and-so forgetting they still owed such-and-such amount from last time. Alakuş ultimately stormed out, but returned a short while later with a gun and shot his friend Erdemir dead, then proceeded to cap Erdemir’s two friends. Both of those gentlemen are doing okay at the hospital, according to media. Alakuş, meanwhile, escaped the restaurant briefly before being taken into custody.

Here’s security footage from the restaurant:


Man Kills Friend Over Restaurant Bill