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KFC Apologizes for Serving Woman a Fried Kidney

Good-bye hunger.
Good-bye hunger. Photo: Lucy Parker Randall

KFC has assured a North Carolina woman it isn’t testing fried offal at this time, explaining instead that her stomach-churning order appears to have “unfortunately” included something kidney-esque that didn’t get yanked out during prep. The customer, Lucy Randall, says she was eating a thigh and leg last Friday when a weird glob caught her eye. Upon closer inspection, she noticed wrinkles and connective tissue, and began “hurling and almost crying all at the same time.” KFC has said it’s “very sorry” and agrees her meal was definitely “not appetizing.”

KFC also stresses that eating off-menu organ meat poses no health hazard, but Randall is understandably a little freaked out anyway. She says she didn’t really eat for the next four days and has already gotten in touch with the local health authorities and an attorney, plus had blood work done for “salmonella and parasites.” At least for now, she’s also swearing off all meat.

She says frantic research led her to the conclusion it was a bird kidney as well. But initially she thought it was a brain (a common misconception at KFC, as it turns out). However remote, KFC technically didn’t rule that possibility out either: In its statement, the company said there’s no way of definitively knowing unless Randall surrenders the whatever-it-is to the franchisee so they can test it.


KFC Apologizes for Serving Woman a Fried Kidney