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Start Saving for This Summer’s Four Seasons Auction

Closing time.
Closing time. Photo: Noah Kalina

Since The Four Seasons is closing in July, that means much of the furniture and tableware is up for grabs. Chicago-based Wright is handling the auction — which will take place on July 26 (after a public preview from July 20 to 26) — and essentially everything that’s not landmarked is on sale. That means the Grill Room’s banquettes, custom bronze-topped Tulip tables, the Barcelona seating from the travertine lobby, and plenty of wine coolers, planters, pots, and pans. These will certainly be big-ticket items, but can you put a price on New York restaurant history?

Photo: Courtesy of Wright
Photo: Courtesy of Wright
Photo: Courtesy of Wright


Start Saving For The Four Seasons Auction