Chobani Employees Rewarded for Loyalty, Given Ownership Stake

Shares and free yogurt for all!
Shares and free yogurt for all!

Christmas came early for Chobani’s 2,000 full-time employees: In an Oprah-like move, Hamdi Ulukaya handed out white envelopes with the announcement that he’s gifting a significant number of shares — up to 10 percent of the company, which is worth around $4 billion. Staffers received shares bared on tenure, and some of Chobani’s most loyal workers could stand to make over $1 million. Mr. Ulukaya owns the majority of the company, but this move — combined with a new deal with TPG Capital — will dilute his stake. Good thing he’s also a major backer of La Colombe, which is poised to go yuge with its ready-to-drink canned coffee.


Chobani Employees Given Ownership Stake