Japan Finally Gives the World What It’s Been Waiting For: Ramen Sandwiches

Totally necessary.
Totally necessary. Photo: Yamazakipan

Now you can have your sandwich and eat your ramen, too. In the latest episode of the country’s ongoing Unnecessary Food Innovations saga, Yamazaki Bread has revealed its ultimate creation: crustless “Lunch Pack” sandwiches filled with Yokohama ramen, a style made with soy sauce and, often, garlic-seasoned pork broth. The company had stuffed its white bread with pedestrian fillings like pork cutlets and — who would’ve thought? — peanut butter, but that was the past. This is the future. The ramen sandwich, a collaboration with Yokohama specialist Yoshimuraya, features noodles (because carbs on carbs), chasu-mimicking pork chunks, and a sauce modeled after the shop’s broth. The only question: Where to from here?


Japan Finally Gives World Ramen Sandwiches