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Unlucky Lawmakers Get Sick After Drinking Raw Milk to Celebrate Legalization of Raw Milk

Talk about spoiled milk. The West Virginia government passed a bill in February that removed a barrier to consuming raw milk, by legalizing shared ownership of animals, despite concerns from health officials that consuming the milk could be dicey for residents. To celebrate the big victory, the bill’s sponsor, State Senator Robert Karnes, brought in some raw milk to share with fellow supporters, only for the health official’s nightmares to come true. Several state lawmakers have coincidentally fallen ill and have similar symptoms, though sick delegate Pat McGeehan says he only took a single sip of Karnes’s milk, but they’re denying that the dairy has anything to do with the illnesses. It’s totally just a stomach bug, so move along please. The situation, though, doesn’t sound great for Karnes, as the health officials now have to investigate accusations that he distributed the product illegally.


Raw-Milk Advocates Drink Raw Milk, Get Sick