Steakhouse That Once Banned O.J. Simpson Says Trump’s Not Welcome Either

Serving it cold at Jeffy Ruby's.
Serving it cold at Jeffy Ruby’s.

Ruby elaborated on his reasons to Louisville Business First, telling the publication: “He denigrates women. He disgraces POWs. He disparages the disabled. He badmouths anyone who disagrees with him. He claims to have never heard of (former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard) David Duke and he praises Vladimir Putin. He’s as presidential as Cam Newton.”

This isn’t quite like when a random Grand Rapids restaurateur bans Michael Moore or a grubby Jersey pizzeria launches a #NoMasTrump campaign — situations where there’s zero chance the barred individual planned on going there anyway. Trump loves steak (he dabbled in selling “the world’s greatest” for a while), and Ruby really loves posting pics of himself next to famous clientele (Muhammad Ali, George Clooney, Paris Hilton, Sean Hannity, etc., etc.). It could have been win-win, in other words, but now it looks like the Donald will have to get that well-done rib eye someplace else.

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Steakhouse Owner Bans Trump