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Okonomi Team Looking to Open Williamsburg Fish Market

Now it will be easier to replicate Okonomi's breakfast at home.
Now it will be easier to replicate Okonomi’s breakfast at home. Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Yuji Haraguchi has received widespread acclaim for his noodle work and fish-centric cooking at Williamsburg’s Okonomi and prior pop-ups. Now Haraguchi and his crew are looking to open a Japanese-style fish market, called Osakana, near their restaurant. In keeping with what’s served at his restaurant, the offerings will be strictly local, so while they might not have farm-raised halibut from Iceland, Haraguchi says they’ll be able to point customers to what to get instead. In addition to the retail fish case, there will be classes, possibly a six-person ramen bar, and, according to Haraguchi, prepared foods and donburri. Today the team launched a Kickstarter to help them open the place: The goal is a steep $50,000, so it could be quite far away.


Okonomi Team Wants to Open Fish Market