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Say Good-bye to the Most Interesting Man in the World

He'll definitely stay thirsty on Mars.
He’ll definitely stay thirsty on Mars.

The Most Interesting Man in the World is stepping down as pitchman for Dos Equis. Jonathan Goldsmith, the 77-year-old actor who’s played him since 2006, will say adios after a final ad debuts Thursday, Ad Age reports. He’s going out in style, of course: The spot chronicles the Most Interesting Man’s “greatest adventure yet,” a one-way trip to Mars, no doubt so he can upgrade to an interplanetary title. It shows Earth’s pomp and circumstance as he boards his huge rocket, but this time only features one line about his badassery (“His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like,” appropriately enough).

Goldsmith’s exit won’t mean the end for Dos Equis’s mascot, though, which would probably be dumb since it’s one of the most successful ad campaigns of all time. Heineken, Dos Equis’s owner, says a new actor will take over this fall. It isn’t saying who, but fans of the Most Interesting Man should expect his “rustic elderly statesman” look to give way to something “a bit more contemporary.” There were apparently fears that Goldsmith’s old-world charm goes over the heads of people watching the College Football Playoff, of which Dos Equis just become a massive multiyear sponsor. Executives liken it to when a new actor takes over the Bond franchise: “James Bond always goes and orders a martini — but so much of what happens around that is new and different.”

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Say Good-bye to the Most Interesting Man in the World