Server Thanks George W. Bush for Big Tip by Tweeting That He ‘Did’ 9/11

This is maybe not the most gracious response, despite your politics: After George and Laura Bush enjoyed a meal of onion rings and hamburgers, they left their server a generous $40 tip on their $21.47 bill. Not bad! The trio then posed for a photo that their server, who goes by Leisa, tweeted out with the caption “bush did 911 but he did me a solid and left me a hella tip.” (Leisa has also now deleted the tweet.)She apparently thought better of her tweet, because it’s gone now, deleted sometime this morning. But initially, she tried downplaying the move as a joke. She defended the tweet to Mic by saying: “I didn’t expect anyone to see the tweet except my 200 followers at the time. I have a couple of friends that use the meme a lot and they were the only ones I was expecting to see the tweet. I was just trying to get a laugh out of my friends but I in no way actually believe the conspiracy.” As you might guess, the message didn’t stay inside her tiny group of followers for long — by this morning, the tweet had more than 5,000 retweets, and the attention created a bona fide social-media war pitting truthers against Bush’s online defenders, of whom there are apparently still plenty:

Leisa wouldn’t give the name of the restaurant where she works, or her last name, out of fear of the publicity it’d cause. For what it’s worth, she did say President Bush was “the sweetest person [she] ever met,” and that he called her “baby” four times.

This post has been updated to replace the now-deleted tweet.


Bush’s Server Tweets Pic Saying He ‘Did’ 9/11