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Burger King Fired a Manager for Insisting a Deceased Cop ‘Got What He Deserved’

A good place to stick to talking about the weather.
A good place to stick to talking about the weather. Photo: Google

The manager of a Burger King in Greenville, South Carolina, is out of a job after commenting on a sensitive case: Officer Allen Jacobs, a white decorated war vet, was shot to death last Friday by a black teenage gang member, who then turned the gun on himself. The incident is making national headlines, and, not shockingly, popping up in people’s conversations at this particular Burger King. A regular named Rachel Sanders was discussing the incident with an employee named Connie on Tuesday when she says the manager (whose identity hasn’t been confirmed) interjected that Jacobs simply “got what he deserved.”Sanders described the whole exchange in a Facebook post that’s since hit 20,000 shares:

I have never been so mad in my life!!! I usually go to Burger King on Laurens Road often. When going there today the…Posted by Rachel Sanders on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The manager reportedly let Connie, the employee Sanders was talking to, go later that same day. Sanders says she complained to Burger King’s corporate office and the franchise owner, who informed her he was firing the manager and offering Connie her job back. Corporate mostly punted the issue back to the franchisee, saying, “We are concerned about this incident and take these matters very seriously. The Franchise Owner, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, is launching an investigation in accordance with their personnel procedures.” But according to Sanders, the owner already apologized for the manager’s comment and told her that’s the reason he terminated her. The manager, meanwhile, maintains she actually got fired for canning Connie “in an inappropriate way,” that “there’s no way” she’d say something like that about the officer, and that this fiasco is really all about “somebody getting terminated and trying to get revenge.”

It’s a charged atmosphere, to say the very least. Not helping matters is the fact that Sanders’s Facebook profile pic is Jacob’s badge, or that the manager says her maiden name, Mackey, is the same as the suspect’s, though she stresses she’s “not related to him.”


BK Manager Fired for Discussing Deceased Cop