Struck Out

Atlanta Braves Unleash Ballpark Sandwich That’s Literally Glazed With Energy Drink

Photo: Braves Reddit/Twitter

Next, there’s a foot-long pretzel-bun chili dog covered in beer cheese, popcorn, fries, jalapeños, a Coke version of barbecue sauce, and tortilla chips:

Then there’s this thing, which needs no explanation beyond its name: the “burgerizza.”

Two honorable mentions go out to a tater-tot waffle atrocity, and the world’s second-laziest concession after a bag of chips: a bag of chips dumped out so chili can be plopped on:

The Braves are supposed to have an abysmal 2016 season, so maybe this is an attempt to give fans a good distraction.


Ballpark Glazes Sandwich With Energy Drink