Amy Schumer Left Two Bartenders a $1,000 Tip

Something worth singing about.
Something worth singing about. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Waitress–turned–national treasure Amy Schumer saw Hamilton on Saturday night, and if that doesn’t cause enough envy, she also left a ridiculous tip for the show’s bartenders while she was there. Schumer has a reputation as a very generous tipper, apparently even firsthand among the Hamilton bar staff (because of course she’s seen it more than once), so Madeleine DeJohn and her co-bartender probably had a pretty good feeling when someone from her entourage brought over the receipt during intermission and said, “Amy wants to make sure you get this.”“This” was a $1,000 tip on a $77 bill:

DeJohn, who’s trying to get her break as an artist herself, tells Gothamist: “My co-worker looked at it and didn’t know what to say. She showed it to me and I was equally speechless. We’ve served a lot of celebrities at Hamilton and we’ve received some nice tips but never before had I seen a tip that even came close to this one.” Schumer later told a CBS New York reporter in a tweet that four-figure gratuities are just her way of showing “lots of love to my fellow bartenders and artists.”

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Amy Schumer Left Two Bartenders a $1,000 Tip