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Some Dude Threw an Alligator Into a Wendy’s Drive-Through

He's ready to prep some fries.
He’s ready to prep some fries. Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

As a real contender for most Florida-y crime ever, a man from Palm Beach County has been arrested for hurling a live alligator into a Wendy’s while waiting at the drive-through window. According to local police, this wasn’t even caused by a fit of rage over a tardy Baconator: Joshua James’s parents say their 23-year-old son knew some of the employees and thought they’d appreciate meeting the three-and-a-half-foot gator he wrangled from a nearby roadside. So James found someplace safe in his pickup to stash the animal until he could get to the window. When the unsuspecting attendant walked away, he launched the reptile in through the opening, presumably at which point every warm-blooded creature inside exited in a cloud of shrieks and curses.

James is sitting in jail currently, but his mother has stressed he only does “stupid pranks” like this “because he thinks it’s funny,” not because he’s a criminal who needs to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon (which happened). She’s mostly confused, though, about why these nice Wendy’s workers can’t laugh off a friendly little live-gator toss: “I mean, how could you not think something like that was a prank?”


Dude Threw Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Through