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Woman Discovers Rare Purple Pearl While Eating Linguine With Clams

Photo: ABC News

When parents manage to escape their kids’ clutches, all they typically want are a few hours of downtime — maybe spent with their significant other. Washington resident Lindsay Hasz got way more than she bargained for. When she went in for a bite of her linguine with clams and mussels on a “rare date night” at her favorite Italian restaurant, Montalcino Ristorante Italiano, she bit into something so hard she thought she had broken her tooth — a total disaster for the low-key evening. As it turns out, Hasz almost swallowed a very rare, perfectly round purple pearl, and the restaurant’s owners wasted no time capitalizing on the event, telling ABC News, “Coming to our restaurant is like winning the lottery!” That is, presumably, less true for the people eating the pasta all champion.

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Woman Almost Eats Rare Purple Pearl