Going Out In Style

Coffee Kingpin Has His Ashes Stored in a Giant Moka Pot

Total commitment.
Total commitment. Photo: Danilo Donadio/AP

Renato Bialetti’s father may have invented the Moka pot, but he was the one who turned the awesome stove-top coffeemaker into a worldwide icon with more than 300 million units sold. When the late caffeine king passed away last week at the age of 93, it was only natural that his children, apparently in accordance with his wishes, had his ashes interred in a giant Moka pot. Fittingly, they saw his wishes through completely, as the coffeemaker was proudly on display and attended to by a priest during Bialetti’s funeral mass. Obviously, there was no other way for this guy, who has brought new meaning to the phrase “in death as in life,” to go out.


World’s Coolest Italian Buried in Moka Pot