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Beyoncé Is So Powerful She Can Single-Handedly Lift Red Lobster’s Sales

Cheddar Bey.
Cheddar Bey. Photo: Beyonce/YouTube

Beyoncé’s new song “Formation” won the internet this weekend, helped, no doubt, by its heavy lyrical reliance on things people love to eat and drink (hot sauce in her bag, Cuervo with no chaser), specifically that line about her reward for good sex: “When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay.”This name-dropping of no one’s favorite seafood place took everybody by surprise, Red Lobster seemingly most of all: Beyoncé dropped the single, her first in over a year, on Saturday, and only after eight hours of it dominating Twitter did Red Lobster try doing anything with the unanticipated publicity, the chain’s first in, well, possibly ever:

That tweet didn’t do so hot, but luckily for America’s uncoolest seafood chain, people will do anything to be more like Beyoncé, and so with Queen B’s blessing, they’re now patronizing their local Red Lobster. CNN reports restaurant sales this Sunday spiked a whopping 33 percent over the previous year’s, and the situation may keep improving: The chain got 42,000 Twitter mentions in just one hour alone this weekend, and signs don’t point to the momentum slowing.

For the sake of comparison, a typical tweet at @RedLobster in the past looked something like this:

But the Twitterverse is now bursting with tweets like these:


Beyonce Boosts Red Lobster’s Sales