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Watch a 15-Person Battle Royal Break Out at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Inside every Chuck E. Cheese’s is a mysterious force — could be in the animatronic characters’ eyes, could be down in the ball pits — that’s capable of convincing any mom, dad, or babysitter they need to start a fight. But rarely does it go down like it did at this Manchester, Connecticut, location, where a nearly restaurant-wide brawl erupted over the weekend:

Police believe the free-for-all started after two strangers bumped into each other — some words were exchanged, Skee–Ball skills probably insulted, and friends arrived as backup. The next thing the elderly bystander who went into a panic attack knew, between 12 and 15 adults were trading blows WWE-style in front of the carousel. One woman climbed over a booth so she could enter the fight from above.

There were naturally some injuries. One employee required medical attention after trying to extract the small children in the middle of it, though this brave effort wasn’t a 100 percent success: Police say a 4-year-old still ended up with scrapes and bruises, and a champ of a 1-year-old was knocked down but apparently “did not suffer any injuries.” It’s apparently the second big fight at that location, and Chuck E. Cheese’s is promising to hire security guards so families will just go back to complaining about the pizza.


Chuck E. Cheese’s Devolves Into Epic Brawl