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Well-Intentioned Waitress Cards Marco Rubio Because He Looks Too Young to Drink

What's up, kid?
What’s up, kid? Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Florida senator Marco Rubio is currently being crushed under the weight of the Trumpocalypse, and apparently some people wouldn’t even notice it if they saw it. While in New Hampshire for the London Review of Books during the days leading up to the state’s primary, Christian Lorentzen (also New York’s book critic) paid a visit to Manchester, New Hampshire’s hot spot of the moment: the bar at the Radisson. There he spoke with a waitress who had served Rubio — and had no idea who he was. The unnamed but well-meaning server, in fact, wasn’t even sure if the baby-faced senator was actually legal, so she had to card him, which must have been terribly embarrassing for all involved. If your server doesn’t think you’re allowed to drink, how can they want to have a beer with you?

[London Review of Books]

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