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Some Guy Actually Went and Named His Restaurant ‘Just the Tip’

Nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here.

Opening a restaurant is a backbreaking experience. First, you cobble together the money for a business that could very likely fail. Then you work to build out a place in a shoestring race against time. It’s a physically demanding, round-the-clock operation, and odds are you are probably doing a lot of the heavy lifting in order to save money. Meanwhile, you have to find a name, that perfect moniker that not only sticks in customers’ minds but also expresses, in some way, exactly what the restaurant means. All of that must have been going through the mind of Sean Dunn, a Fresno chef who named his new restaurant Just the Tip.

Officially open since Monday, the house specialty is a tri-tip sandwich. The lunch spot also offers a menu of salads, soups, and sandwiches like a club served with “PORK JOWL BACON!!!” Dunn, however, tells his local paper that the name has a very, uh, deep meaning, explaining that it succinctly captures the very essence of his entire business: First of all, “the building looks like a brick of cheese and has a tip.” There’s the obvious connection to the sandwich. And, lastly, Dunn wants his customers to feel like his menu is just “the tip of the proverbial iceberg.” Sure, dude. Sure.

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Man Actually Names Restaurant ‘Just The Tip’