Food Fight

Customers Trash Pizzeria After Receiving Cheesy Garlic Knots

Scandal! Photo: LightHousePhoto

For once, someone actually feels passionately about garlic knots, the afterthought of the pizza world. When a customer at Florida pizzeria Palm Coast Pizza discovered her garlic knots were covered in cheese, despite her strict order that they be sans cheese, she decided she couldn’t take it anymore. She argued with employees and demanded her money back — which she got — but then three of her friends busted into the pizzeria and proceeded to help her trash it, causing less than $1,000 in estimated damages, according to employees. After knocking a fax machine and cash register to the ground, they sacked the kitchen and threw pizzas and pizza boxes everywhere before bouncing, only to be later arrested by cops on burglary and criminal-mischief charges.

[Daytona Beach News-Journal]

Cheesy Garlic Knots Cause Brawl