Pizza Hot Spot Emily’s Square-Pie Spinoff Will Open in Williamsburg

It's still slated to open this spring.
It’s still slated to open this spring. Photo: Melissa Hom

There is a (small) shake-up happening in the Brooklyn pizza scene: You’ll recall that, late last year, Matt and Emily Hyland, the duo behind Brooklyn’s popular Emily, announced they’d open their square-pie spinoff, Emmy Squared, in Clinton Hill, near their original location. The couple, along with chef-partner Lou Tomczak, signed a lease in November on a small space on the same block as their first restaurant, but now, because of a legal dispute with the landlord, they’ve opted to open in a different neighborhood. That neighborhood: Williamsburg.

Matt tells Grub the decision was abrupt, but Emmy Squared will now move into the space that was home to Bill Baker’s Restaurant and Bar at 364 Grand Street. The switch also means some changes for the operation, namely that it will be more of a restaurant than the bar and takeout spot that was originally planned. The new space is much larger, too, and will have at least 50 seats and a bar instead of just operating as a holding pen for pizza boxes. Takeout will still be available, of course, and the food will be the same mix of Italian-American sandwiches and Detroit-influenced square pies that’s been part of the plan since the beginning, but there may be more toppings and possibly snacks. Don’t expect any major delays for the opening, though, which Matt says is on schedule for this spring, as the space is already built out and won’t need a lot of work.

Emily Team Will Expand to Williamsburg