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Donald Trump’s Favorite McDonald’s Food Is Apparently the ‘Fish Delight’

Man of the people, or something.
Man of the people, or something. Photo-Illustration: Grub Street; Photos: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images; McDonald’s

On CNN’s town hall Thursday night, Donald Trump revealed his love for fast food. It’s probably what any billionaire presidential candidate would do to sound super relatable after yesterday’s drubbing by the “Cool Pope,” but Trump’s homage to grease came out in classic Trump style. He told Anderson Cooper that he even allows fast food on his private plane because he trusts it’s germ-free just like him:

I’m a very clean person. I like cleanliness. And I think you’re better off going there than someplace that you maybe have no idea where the food is coming from. It’s a certain standard. But I think the food is good.
Specifically, KFC is "not the worst thing in the world," he insisted to a sort of incredulous-looking Cooper, and Burger King and McDonald's both make food he "can live with." In fact, the Donald orders McDonald's famous fish sandwich all the time — you know, the "Fish Delight."

And maybe there is a secret off-menu sandwich by that name with gold leaf mixed into the tartar sauce, but people tuning in had trouble identifying with either scenario:

Some people are suggesting he either said “fish filet” in a super-weird way, or meant this thing, the McDonald’s low-cal Delight 500 combo meal that has a Filet-O-Fish, but c’mon.

He also at last lent his business acumen to the topic of food safety, explaining that “One bad hamburger, you take Wendy’s and all these other places and they’re out of business.” He segued into a swipe at Chipotle to cement his common-man relatability, although he did it as if the burrito chain were Voldemort:

I don’t want to mention the name of the firm, but you see what that certain firm is going through right now. Do they make it? Do they not make it? I don’t know.

No doubt Chipotle executives will see they were losers for not pleading for Trump’s celebrity endorsement in an ad or two.

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Trump Claims He Gets McDonald’s ‘Fish Delight’