Oh No: There’s Now Cold-Brewed Butter Coffee in a Can

Actual quote from the website:
Actual quote from the website: “It’s not that weird, we promise!”

Bulletproof’s fans exhausted from having to find, then melt their own yak butter for “upgraded” morning coffee are about to be in biohacked heaven: A rival called Grass Fed Coffee, the “world’s first ready-to-drink butter coffee,” has just shattered its Kickstarter goal by raising $86,000 to bring to market a concoction that’s part cold brew, part German butter, and all “mental clarity.” The real novelty, though, is that these guys are canned — just pop the top for eight immediate ounces of butter, a blend of Peruvian coffees/coffee extracts, MCT oil, and chicory. Grass Fed’s creators describe the product as “creamy” and “delicious,” but they caution restraint for first-timers: Start with half a can, since the effects (“mental clarity, focus, energy,” and whatnot) can be “very strong at first for beginners.”

Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, who’s in the middle of transforming his e-commerce business into a retail chain with spinoffs like Fat Water, a product understandably described as having an “appetite-suppression effect,” apparently hadn’t thought up the idea of bottling his oily coffee yet. Despite having practically the same ingredients and claiming to offer the same purported health benefits, Grass Fed has no relation to Bulletproof, which means this new start-up can probably expect a hail of scoffs from Gwyneth Paltrow’s doctor, Third Eye Blind, and the rest of Dave Asprey’s followers.

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Somebody Put Butter Coffee in Cans