The Dumpling Emoji Is Under Official Consideration

The full set of food candidates.
The full set of food candidates.

Now that the taco emoji is finally real, the world has turned its attention to another worthy cause: the addition of the dumpling emoji. The good news is that we’re all now one giant step closer to being able to invite friends out for gyoza with a simple picture. Unicode, the body that governs emoji (a real thing!), has added the dumpling option to its official list of emoji candidates. Don’t get too excited, since the earliest it can be added is in 2017. Still, we’re one step closer.

To recap, here are all the food-related emoji currently considered candidates, many of which could hit your phones much sooner than 2017:

• Croissant
• Avocado
• Cucumber (or pickle)
• Bacon
• Potato
• Carrot
• Baguette
• Green Salad
• “Shallow Pan of Food” (think: paella)
• “Stuffed Flatbread” (like a kebab)
• Egg
• Glass of milk
• Peanuts
• Kiwi
• Pancakes (with syrup, obviously)
• Clinking glasses
• Tumbler glass (full of whiskey)
• A spoon
• Fortune cookies
• Takeout box
• Chopsticks
• And, of course, the dumplings.

In an official missive, Unicode warns that these could still be dropped before they become real, but it’s hard to see how they’d knock out dumplings in favor of, like, milk or peanuts.


Dumpling Emoji Under Official Consideration