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Pizzeria Offers Year of Free Pizza to Whoever Finds Its Thief

Definitely now on borrowed time.
Definitely now on borrowed time.

Crime doesn’t pay, but what apparently does pay is turning in the crook who knocked off this Denver pizzeria. An as-yet-unidentified burglar broke into the fittingly named Kaos Pizzeria Sunday night, and owner Patrick White says he wants the guy found so bad that he’s willing to give a whole year of free pies to whoever helps police catch the guy.

The mystery intruder entered through Kaos’s back window and, as security footage shows, proceeded to empty two registers of about $1,000:

But White says he’s most irked by how “nonchalant” the burglary was for this guy, who strolled in wearing headphones and shades. “I have a lot of female employees, it makes everyone nervous,” he tells the local news. “It really brings morale down.” To give people a better idea of what the man looks like, he posted no fewer than three separate surveillance clips on the restaurant’s YouTube and Facebook accounts, amounting to nearly two and half uninterrupted minutes of the dude. “Please share,” he urges, “to help protect our community from jerks who skulk about in sunglasses at night and steal from small businesses.”

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Pizzeria Offers Year of Free Pies For Finding Thief