NYC Pizzerias Debut Delivery Boxes Made From Staten Island Trash

Don't worry, the pizza isn't recycled.
Don’t worry, the pizza isn’t recycled.

Recycled paper and packaging company Pratt Industries has finally found a way to combine Staten Island’s status as both an underappreciated hub for phenomenal pizza and a giant landfill. The company, which has a mill on the island, produced 1,000 boxes and distributed them free of charge to nine pizzerias around the borough, including the excellent Pier 76, as a way of promoting recycling’s environmental and economic benefits.

Each pizza box is printed with the image of the borough’s iconic Verrazano Bridge and a super-proud “Made in Staten Island” logo. While some local politicians say they hope this increases awareness and encourages Staten Islanders to recycle, Councilman Joe Borrelli was on the money — and had his heart in the right place — when he told DNAinfo that the box is a message to all of the other boroughs out there that, don’t you forget, there are a lot of awesome pies in Shaolin. It’s possible, though, that there are better ways to deliver this particular message.


NYC Now Has Pizza Boxes Made of Trash