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Papa John’s Is Taking All of the Artificial Stuff Out of Its ‘Better’ Ingredients

Will still taste ... fine.
Will still taste … fine. Photo: Papa John’s

Papa John’s has long touted its “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” motto, even if it’s indistinguishable from most other mass-market delivery pizza. Well, here’s at least one change: For the New Year, the chain will rid the whole menu, from dough and toppings to desserts, of artificial flavors, synthetic colors, and other fake stuff. It’s promising another big move later this summer: All chicken in both pizza-topping and Popper form will be totally free of antibiotics. To its credit, this makes Papa John’s the first pizza chain to join fast food’s artificial-ingredient mass exodus. It also reveals how hollow the chain’s motto has been, but you could say the same thing about Chipotle’s “Food With Integrity” line — unless integrity is just code for “potentially harmful bacteria” — so what are you gonna do?


Papa John’s Eliminates Artificial Ingredients