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McDonald’s Japan Needs a Name for Its New Potato-Topped Stunt Burger

The whatchamacallit.
The whatchamacallit. Photo: McDonalds Japan

What do you call a Big Mac that has a top layer of “hot potatoes” and substitutes burnt-soy-and-onion spread for special sauce? McDonald’s Japan has no clue either, which is why it’s offering an outlandish prize to the person who thinks of one. Name the new stunt burger — which the chain says was created to specifically appeal to Japanese tastes — and you get a free one every single day for the next ten years. That’s roughly $12,000 worth of what’s-it burgers — the name is still TBD, but the price evidently is not: ¥390, or $3.29. The contest runs from February 2 to February 15, and the burger gets officially christened on February 23.

To inspire a feeling of literally anybody could beat that, McDonald’s is strategically calling it the “Juicy Beef Burger With Hot Potatoes Grown in Hokkaido, Cheddar Cheese, and Specially Made Onion Sauce Flavored With Burnt Soy Sauce” for the time being.

The sandwich has its own ad, too:

Whatever wordsmith wins should turn their attention next to McDonald’s Japan’s McChoco Potatoes.

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Name McDonald’s Japan’s New Stunt Burger