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McDonald’s Japan Finally Debuts Chocolate-Covered French Fries


It’s been a while since someone released a truly gonzo, headline-worthy stunt food. Thankfully, here comes McDonald’s Japan, the same brain trust that pioneered such groundbreaking culinary innovations as the avocado McMuffin and food filled with human teeth. Today, the world learns that the company will release its latest “French fry innovation” in the form of McChoco Potatoes on January 26.

The dish, if you want to call it that, takes the chain’s French fries — the one thing that even some McHaters agree it does right — and drizzles them, questionably, in white milk chocolate and “chocolate with cacao flavor,” a.k.a. chocolate with chocolate flavor. (Let’s call it, generously, an homage to the chocolate-dipped fries previously unveiled by another Japanese chain, Lotteria.) Alas, there’s a slim chance that anyone actually thought this one through, but it still sounds like it has more potential than the chain’s attempts at luxury burgers.

For those outside Japan, of course, you’re going to have to hack this thing. You can just keep dipping your fries in your chocolate milkshake and get roughly the same result, or you can start smuggling your own chocolate sauce into shops to see how it goes.


McDonald’s Japan’s Chocolate-Covered Fries