Sex Sells

Food Truck Specializing in Popcorn and Sex Toys Forced to Close

“One of his hottest items.” Photo: 14 News

An enterprising Indiana food-cart operator is in trouble after trying his best to satisfy two very different types of appetites. Because the items in question were on the Evansville six o’clock news, a lot of blurring was involved, but it’s clear even with pixelation that the selection of “sexual-related toys,” to use the reporter’s description, was quite extensive at Kwan Dixon’s Pop’s Popcorn and Koosier Daddy’s Food Cart:

Asked if people are buying them, Dixon casually replied, “Yes, they are. Sex sells, everybody loves sex. But other than that, the food sells, too, just as well. You gotta have something afterwards.” Unfortunately, the unique pairing also attracted the authorities, who swooped in about an hour after the station finished interviewing Dixon and shut things down. They said his food permits are in order, so the cart’s popcorn, nachos, sodas, and whatnot are fine, but “when itemizing what he was selling, Kwan didn’t list sex toys.” Simple oversight, officers!

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Food Cart Shut Down for Selling Sex Toys