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Dominique Ansel and Wylie Dufresne Are Collaborating on a Breakfast Sandwich

Will you wait for it?
Will you wait for it? Photo: Liz Clayman

The Great Wylie Dufresne is without a restaurant right now (though, hopefully, that will change soon), so it’s a real treat to get to eat his food — and to make things even more exciting, he’s collaborating with another innovator, Dominique Ansel.

From this Saturday, January 16, to Monday, January 18, Dominique Ansel Kitchen (the one in the West Village) will serve a special “wd~Ansel Egg Melt,” a sandwich with soft-scrambled eggs, a confit egg yolk, homemade cheese, black truffles (!), bacon, and maple flakes. It’s served on a smoked English muffin, with truffled hash browns on the side, and it costs $20. Take a look:

A-plus packaging.
A-plus packaging. Photo: Liz Clayman
The masterminds.
The masterminds. Photo: Liz Clayman
Yolk porn.
Yolk porn. Photo: Liz Clayman
Photo: Liz Clayman

Dominique Ansel and Wylie Dufresne’s Collaboration