Food Fight

A Totally Chill Deli Customer Punched an Employee for Making His Sandwich Wrong

This won't stand.
This won’t stand. Photo: Guian Bolisay/CC/Flickr

New Yorkers feel very strongly about their sandwiches, and they aren’t afraid of freaking out when people mess with their BECs, but most of them refrain from physical violence. Not so for one customer at Clinton Hill’s well-liked Farmer in the Deli, who decided he had endured too much when he realized the deli man wasn’t making his sandwich to his liking. The employee, who apparently is also very passionate about sandwiches, didn’t like what the customer had to say, telling him, ever so subtly and eloquently, to “suck my dick.” Instead, the employee reportedly got socked in the face. Following the altercation, the customer bounced with a drink, some condoms, and his sandwich — none of which he paid for — because, as the old maxim goes, a sandwich not made to your liking is still better than no sandwich at all.


Deli Customer Punches Employee Over Sandwich