The Chain Gang

Internet Rallies Around Possible Chicken-Nugget Bandit

Photo: @johnalexcorrea/Twitter

He is a hero the internet desperately thought it needed. Perhaps tapping into the Fight for $15 and the populist fervor surrounding Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, a Florida man claims that after quitting his job at a Burger King, he pillaged the location’s freezers and stole every chicken nugget available. Then, of course, he documented the whole thing with a tweet:

It went viral, and caught the attention of the mainstream media. But alas, the modern-day highway robber soon backtracked in subsequent tweets. Chiding the ‘net for being “so easily influenced” and then scolding a critic for believing he would broadcast his crimes, the fast-food hero is now indicating that it was all just a hoax. And maybe it was — or, just as likely, our would-be champion of the people is now just trying to protect himself from the wrath of the Burger King, fast food’s most menacing mascot.

Internet Loves Possible Nugget Bandit