Unexpected Expansions

Burger Joint Is Not So Secretly Opening in Singapore

Coming soon to Singapore.
Coming soon to Singapore. Photo: Burger Joint

This is kind of unexpected: No-frills hamburger shop Burger Joint is expanding to Singapore, with an expected opening date of April. The restaurant became something of a sensation when it opened in the swanky Le Parker Meridien in 2002, ahead of New York’s modern burger craze, for its combination of straightforward fast food and a sort of but not really hidden location. The owners have parlayed that into a second New York location and some international success, somewhat quietly riding the international burger wave to locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Seoul, South Korea. A location in Brazil is also forthcoming. Just don’t expect a cross-cultural mash-up of Hainan chicken burgers and chili crab fries. The Singapore shop will be run by franchisee Nicholas Heaney, who promises a faithful sear-to-bun replica of the original that will be an alternate to the island’s all-gourmet burger scene.


Burger Joint Expanding to Signapore