Bad Santas

Worst Santa Ever Robs KFC at Knifepoint

Keep an eye out for this man.
Keep an eye out for this man. Photo: Dana Hursey Photography/Getty Images

Turns out there is something worse than a SantaCon Santa: a nasty Santa with a knife. Police in Alfreton, England, say employees were working the late shift at a local KFC when what to their wondering eyes should appear but a man dressed as Saint Nick entering via the drive-through window, which he crawled through, chimney-style, before pulling a knife and demanding all the cash, making off with an untold amount. Employees called it “quite traumatic.”

Details of the robber’s appearance will be more or less useless for the remainder of this week: He’s described as being “of stocky build” and “wearing a red hat, red jacket, and a black top,” as well as “red trousers with a Santa theme.” Police are asking people to be on the lookout for anyone fitting that description, which is silly, but maybe keep an eye out for for someone wearing that outfit who’s also lurking around fast-food drive-through windows and/or carrying a knife.

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Worst Santa Claus Robs KFC at Knifepoint