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Pizza Hut’s New ‘Swag’ Line Includes a Pretty Sexist Hat

No thanks.
No thanks. Photo: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, a chain whose primary line of work presents enough trouble already, has ventured inadvisably into the world of fashion accessorizing. “Hut Swag,” as it’s been termed, includes a variety of things nobody will wear, like $50 pizza leggings, sunglasses with pizza lenses, and a shirt that states “My Pizza My Life.” Then there’s this hat. More bothersome than the deceptive number of pepperonis on the bill (approximately 10-fold more than come on a real Pizza Hut slice) is what’s up top: the command “Take Your Toppings Off.” Besides offending the ladies the wearer was hoping to impress, this misunderstands even basic pizza consumption. What human who’s not 2 years old removes pizza toppings? Or maybe Pizza Hut is implying customers should limit orders to cheese pizza, the cheapest possible option?

The “Hut Swag” line apparently debuted last week, but things aren’t off to a great start. Here’s the first reply @pizzahut got to its tweet announcing the online shop’s opening:

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Pizza Hut’s ‘Swag’ Line Has a Sexist Hat