These Japanese Chocolate Slices Are the Culinary Innovation the World Didn’t Know It Needed

Greatest thing since ... you know.
Greatest thing since … you know.

What kind of person has time to unscrew a jar of Nutella and spread on chocolate these days? Enter these things: the Kraft singles of insta-dessert. They’re the work of a Japanese candy company called Bourbon. This confectioner sells bulk packs that each contain 60 thin, flat squares of nama, a legendary chocolate in Japan, for about $27, but after a Twitter user demonstrated the two completely effortless steps required to make a grilled chocolate sandwich, it caused a run on the product, and now it’s sold out:

The shape, though, is apparently down for whatever. Like just poking out of a crêpe:

Photo: Bourbon

Or melted onto a pancake:

Photo: Bourbon

Or — oh fudge, Edible Arrangements is closed! No biggie:

Photo: Bourbon

[Bourbon via RocketNews24]

Here’s Chocolate Sliced Like Kraft Singles