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Taqueria Turns Bungled Burglary Into Ad About Dudes Desperate for Tacos

A Las Vegas Mexican restaurant where someone perhaps watches too many Cops reruns has put some embarrassing security footage of a recent break-in to very good use. Staff at Frijoles & Frescas realized the CCTV video of two idiots’ clumsy burglary attempt was borderline slapstick, so they repurposed the clip as an ad about hungry men ransacking everything in search of tacos (and set to elevator music). It’s pulled in 3 million views on YouTube so far — and adds insult to injury by ending with a shot of the dumb criminals fleeing to their getaway vehicle, empty cash box in hand. “Mom will be mad there are no tacos in the register,” the text reads, before cutting to food-porn-y shots of Frijoles & Frescas’ actual food.

[Frijoles & Frescas/YouTube via Adweek]

Dumb Burglars Become Mexican Joint’s Taco Ad