Dove Recalled 6,700 Bags of Chocolate ‘Snowflakes’

The culprit is rogue candy brands that don't belong in these bags.
The culprit is rogue candy brands that don’t belong in these bags.

People with food allergies might want to shop the Walmart candy aisle a little more vigilantly this Christmas season: About 6,700 bags of Dove plain chocolates (seasonal packs called “Dove Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes”) have been recalled because a rogue Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix could be lurking inside. While that might be seen as a win for the kind of people who get pumped when their regular fries include a bonus curly fry, it’s very bad news for people with nut, wheat, and egg allergies — so: a lot of people. The bags were sold at Walmarts in 35 states from September 19 to December 1; the FDA has posted the full list of states and lot codes. Dove says thankfully nobody’s had an adverse reaction yet, and encourages consumers who do have allergies to return any bags they bought for a full refund. Everyone else: Just enjoy your free Snickers.


Dove Recalls Chocolate for Allergy Concerns