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World’s Most Dapper Starbucks Robber Is Still at Large

Maybe he owed the local milliner lots of money? Whatever the reason, Dallas-area police want help finding a criminal with excellent sartorial taste. He’s been at large since last month, when security footage caught him robbing a Starbucks store of an undisclosed amount at gunpoint (alas, it doesn’t quite capture the part outside where he smoothly mounts his getaway Vespa):

Local news channel WFAA refers to him as “a man dressed as a ‘hipster,’” like that narrows it down sufficiently, even in Dallas, while the Dallas Morning News describes him as “wearing a navy sweater over a white Oxford shirt, slacks, a trilby and dress shoes.” In fact, the News actually screwed up the first time around and used, rather embarrassingly, the term fedora. That’s since been corrected — a bold line up top now reads, “Updated to reflect the proper name of the hat.”


Dapper Starbucks Robber at Large