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Dairy Queen Worker Gets Caught Spitting on Cop’s Hamburger

Busted. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, say they were forced to arrest a Dairy Queen worker on charges of “mingling harmful substances” after he allegedly spit on an officer’s burger. According to the report, a BRPD lieutenant opened up his order and immediately noticed a “clear substance on top of the bun” that resembled saliva. The lieutenant had a word with the manager, who on security footage reportedly saw his employee grab the burger and attempt to back out of view of the cameras. The key word here is attempt, because police say Johnson was still fully in view when he lifted the bun to his mouth “for a brief moment.” He then walked back nonchalantly and wrapped up his special-made order.

Unlike past incidents where cops became targets of fast-food workers, Johnson’s stunt seems less grounded in social protest and more an example of dumb criminals being dumb. Police say he tried giving a fake name upon arrest, and they quickly learned he had an outstanding warrant. At some point later, he apparently also informed the cops that he “had several diseases including herpes.”

Not at all shockingly, Dairy Queen said Johnson should consider himself “immediately terminated.”


Dairy Queen Worker Spits on Cop’s Burger