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For Some Reason, All of Dairy Queen’s Blizzards Will Be Served Upside Down in 2016

Fixing to drip.
Fixing to drip. Photo: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen’s semi-embarrassing policy of requiring employees to serve Blizzards upside down has always been left to the individual store owner’s discretion, which is why lots of even frequent customers probably have no idea it’s a thing. That blissful ignorance will be no more: Everyone’s favorite industrial-ingredient ice-cream chain is making an “epic resolution” for 2016 that involves all Dairy Queens and so-called Grill & Chills vowing to make sure no one gets one of its signature frozen treats in the socially accepted–facing direction, thereby proving once and for all that the chain is “committed to offering the thickest, most delicious treat experience there is.”

Here are the rules of Upside Down or Free, as it’s called: “If a customer is served a Blizzard Treat without the upside-down presentation, they will receive a coupon good for a free Blizzard Treat on their next visit. Fans using the drive-thru window will even see their first Blizzard Treat turned upside down.” There’s no escaping it, basically. And maybe it’s brilliant, since it requires Dairy Queen to give up nothing except a little bit of its employees’ self-respect. For better or worse, there’s also an entire website dedicated to the gimmick called, predictably,, where visitors are treated to cute animals and models positioned as if in anti-gravity.

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All 2016 DQ Blizzards Will Be Upside-Down