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Another Chipotle Is Closed After Making at Least 30 People Sick

Closed. Photo: Steven Senne/AP/Corbis

It’s still too early to say if this one’s E. coli–related or not, but Chipotle had to close a new store, in Boston, yesterday after more than a dozen customers came down with “gastrointestinal symptoms.” Of those identified as ill so far, it sounds like the majority (about 30) are students from Boston College, which forced the university into the unusually aggressive position of emailing a public-health warning to the whole student body that called this Chipotle, which is near campus, the “common denominator of all affected students.” Apparently a big group from the men’s basketball team is among the 30 sick students, and now tomorrow’s game against Providence is in jeopardy.

All athletes at the school got this message in their inboxes:

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold tells the AP, “We do not have any evidence to suggest that this incident is related to the previous E. coli incident.” The state’s Department of Public Health added that it’s working to determine if the students have E. coli. However, Boston College’s coach is more certain, telling SB Nation, “There are 8 players on the team confirmed to have E. coli.”


Another Chipotle Made People Sick