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Why Taco Bell’s Ignoring the Animal-Welfare Movement

Mystery meat.
Mystery meat. Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

While McDonald’s, Starbucks, and practically every other food brand has shifted to using ingredients like cage-free eggs and hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, the Washington Post points out that Yum! Brands — home to Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC — has not done anything to change how it sources food. It seems it’s simply not worth the cost for the company, which prioritizes convenience and cheapness. (Also, Taco Bell’s apparently too busy worrying about croissant tacos and other nonsense.)

Still, it might come back to bite Yum! in the butt: As a market researcher tells the Post, “Taco Bell is waiting for the prices to catch up. But customers are also increasingly demanding more ethical sourcing. Young ones, in particular, who are Taco Bell’s biggest audience — they see what is being promised elsewhere.” After all, it was Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol who recently told Grub, “I think millennials have really become more like foodies, and what they are looking for are foodie experiences in fast food.”


Why Taco Bell’s Ignoring the Animal-Welfare Movement